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Sweet Grass Dairy

Sweet Grass Dairy

Friday, April 12th during Club Magnolia 19 - After Golf Experience

Sweet Grass Dairy is a second-generation, family-owned creamery based in Thomasville, Georgia. We produce handmade artisan cheese from cow’s milk. Our cows are raised barn-free, grazing on fresh grass year-round on our 3 regeneratively farmed dairies'. Co-owner Jessica Little grew up helping her parents manage the 350-acre dairy farm that continues to provide our milk today. Together, Jessica and her husband Jeremy have stayed loyal to the values our creamery was founded on over 20 years ago: take exceptional care of the grass and the cows, and then produce cheese that lets the flavors and quality of the milk shine through. Sweet Grass Dairy produces a variety of aged, soft-ripened, and fresh cow’s milk cheeses all developed to showcase this quality. We are known for our award-winning, double-cream Green Hill and semi-soft Thomasville Tomme cheeses. Our Pimento spread, our unique twist on a Southern classic, has also garnered a cult following. They are as delicious on a burger or in grilled cheese as they are on a sophisticated charcuterie board. We believe that the flavors of our cheese can make any meal special and memorable.

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