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Club Magnolia Entertainment - 2023

Sam Burchfield

Sam Burchfield

Wednesday & Thursday evenings

Growing Atlanta music talent, Sam Burchfield, will grace the stage at Club Magnolia this year with his wide range of original music from clever lyrical ballads to upbeat funk, from banjo to brass and rock. From an appearance on Season 13 of “American Idol” to an award winning CD titled “Where To Run”, this super-talented musician has been touring the Southeast since graduating from the University of Georgia and winning over crowds in every place he plays.



Friday & Saturday evenings

Local folk rock band band AcostA is a colaberative between former American Idol contestant, Miranda Pokrzywinski, and her co-worker / fellow musician, Matt Acosta. “We just kind of clicked,” Pokrzywinski said of the duo, which rarely rehearses. “We both share a great love for music and it’s easy for us to know what each other are thinking and where we plan to take a show or performance.”

Bag Pipers

Club Magnolia Bagpipers

Wednesday-Sunday night at close

Dressed traditional Scottish kilts, these Bagpipers parade through the club ushering last call and the official closing of Club Magnolia for the evening.